My Story

IZ and Izumi Dresen

My name is Izumi Dresen.

I was born and raised in Japan till the age of 22. After that, my journey around the globe started. I lived and spent my life in six countries on three different continents – spent my college life in the U.S, worked in Hong Kong, married in Germany and became a mother of two sons in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Throughout these years, I gained not only additional language skills but also new friends, new home towns, and new perspectives.

One of the biggest learnings I had through these multiple experiences was to understand that everybody living on the globe can live in unity, learn from each other and evolve in life together. We are all living our life with our own customs that we learn from our parents, families and friends. The form of individualism, value, priorities vary depending on backgrounds. However, I believe our lives and customs are compatible and connectable, as long as we want and decide to do so.

The idea of launching “IZ Exclusive Japanese Tableware” has risen to contribute making our world a better place by connecting our values and sharing ideas. I believe that the opportunity of connecting different cultures and communities is one way to give us a chance to create new ideas and new perspectives for us all to step forward together and make this world a better place.

There are many beautiful things and thoughts in this world which are not always recognized or seen in many places.

My passion is to introduce a global perspective and to share ideas how to connect our customs and evolve.

Embrace the difference and live together.